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Let's Talk...Indian Classical Music and Dance Community

Hi. This is Saberi Misra but you can call me Sabs, Sab, Sabzi, Sabrina, anything that floats your boat basically. I'm an Indian Classical Artist born in Kolkata, moved to London when I was 5 and a half and living here ever since. When I was 4 years old I decided that I wanted to be a Kathak Dancer, and nothing but a Kathak Dancer, and that I was going to be the best and the most unique Kathak Dancer anyone's ever come across. Alongside Kathak, I also love singing and playing the Tabla.

The world of Indian Classical Music and Dance has always intrigued me because of its emphasis on the connection between music and spirituality, the Guru - Shishya Parampara and the the idealising of senior artists.

But, this world is much more than that. It is a community that is very small. A community where everyone knows everyone. A community that relies heavily on each other to be successful, to remain relevant and to share art between each other. Like any other community in the world, it has its positives and negatives and it's complications. It is not easy to remain relevant here. It is not easy to be a woman here.

I want to to talk to you about this very community. The positives, the negatives, the mysteries, the art, and the hypocrisy. This is important to me because, I believe, that to be a complete artist, you not only have to be good at your craft but also have a voice. A voice that can bring change to a community, a voice that can raise issues related to the community, and a voice that can encourage other voices to emerge. I am not just a Kathak dancer, vocalist or tabla enthusiast. I'm a voice. A voice that will share her observations and experiences of the community that is Indian Classical Music and Dance.

I hope I can show and share with you all my view and opinions of this community. I have important issues to talk about. Stick around, look out for my posts and comment. All I can say is that, silence is never good enough to make a community better. Let's have a conversation.

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